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A great fear of mine is thinking I have it all figured out and never realizing that I am missing it. This fear is rooted in not growing in my craft, but also not allowing anyone to speak into my life. What happens when leaders and professionals don't see the need to grow and flat out refuse it?

“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”  —Jack Welch

A mentor of mine is in the later parts of his journey in life. Yet, he actively seeks out others much younger than him (including me on occasion) in order to learn from them. How humbling is that?!

Once you have it all figured it out, that's when you should start realizing you know much less than you originally thought. 

I recently read an article on Lonzo Ball and his Dad (LaVar) refusing to seek out advice from the legends of the NBA like Kobe Bryant. I am dumbfounded, yet not surprised, by this:

"I don't need no advice from Kobe Bryant," LaVar Ball said Thursday on "Mornings with Keyshawn Johnson" on ESPN Radio 710 LA. "I don't need advice from Kobe Bryant. 'Zo's got to play his game."

He went on to say that if someone wanted to help Lonzo they will need to go to him. Of all the things that I have read and heard from this family, this is one is the most ridiculous. What a shame? No matter what Lonzo accomplishes in his career there will always be a "What if" question because he refused mentorship and leadership.

Give me someone that is eager to learn rather than someone eager to prove what they know. I will always choose the leader eager to learn to work on my team! 

People that have it all figured out will be unsuccessful. Their pride and arrogance will stop them from growing. 

NBA players who are reaching out for mentorship and advice from Kobe Bryant include Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and Gordon Hayward or better known as the best the NBA has to offer. 

Bryant told ESPN that he's had "many conversations" during the playoffs with Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas who is averaging 33 points per game and at only 5'9 led his team to a first-place finish in the East going into the playoffs.

One who refuses to seek the advice of others will eventually be led to a path of ruin. A mentor helps you to perceive your own weaknesses and confront them with courage. The bond between mentor and protege enables us to stay true to our chosen path until the very end.      

- Anonymous