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When You work for someone that is not a leader

We have all worked for people that were not leaders. My Dad recently informed me that working for a Boss that is a real leader may never happen. He's right. So what do you do when the person you work for is not a leader. This week, Ron Edmondson posted on just this topic. 

It’s not uncommon that I receive a message from a someone struggling with the current leadership they are under. The question is usually how they can continue to be where they don’t support the vision and direction of their boss. They want my advice on how to responding during this season.

This situation is obviously not unique and happens frequently in all organizations. I don’t believe all hope is lost during times like this. An individual can continue to grow even with a leader he or she cannot respect — sometimes even more.

Here are 7 actions I suggest when you don’t respect the leader:

Keep working

Most of us need a paycheck. Be grateful while you have one. Unless you know for certain you are to quit, it is destroying you or your family, or you sense something immoral is happening, there’s nothing wrong with working until you find something else.

Do your best 

While you are there be above reproach in your work ethic. Make it your aim to prepare for your successor and to leave your area of responsibility better than you found it when you arrived.

Respect the leader

I know. That’s the tough one, but as long as you’re there you must respect authority. You may not respect them as a person, but you can respect them as the boss. It should also go without saying you must watch what you say. What you say about this leader always gets back to that leader.

Learn all you can 

The fact is we learn more during the stressful and difficult times, so be a sponge. You may gain all the wisdom of what not to do when you are in control, but you will learn something if you try. Leaders teach you how to do it and how not to do it. Sometimes the best lessons are how NOT to do it. 

Be thankful for the connections and experience 

You will be gaining connections in this world — or at least you have that opportunity. It’s easier to network when you’re in the field than it is once you are no longer working. Be thankful for that opportunity.

Be a cheerleader for life 

You may not enjoy your work setting but you can still be a positive life influence for those around you. Use your smile and your pleasant disposition as an encourager for others. You’ll feel better about yourself after you eventually leave.

Keep watching 

Be open to what God will do next in your life. It may not be what you are expecting. Chances are good it will stretch you and require a leap of faith. Prepare your heart, family and attitude for that opportunity when it arrives.