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7 Important Things Leaders Need to Say

I constantly need a reminder of how important my role as a leader is. The words I choose to use have great power and can lift someone up or tear someone down in just one sentence. The list below is a list of phrases that every leader needs to remind themselves to say often to those they lead. I can't take credit for this list. I don't know where I got it from, but I have been using and adding to it for some time now. 

"Great job."

Recognition is key in any leadership relationship. No matter how confident you think your people are, everyone desperately wants to know they are doing it right. 

"What you do matters."

Leaders are inspired by progress. Every leader wants their work to be meaningful and worthwhile. Numbers, while they are important, aren’t the only indicator of success. Context is always relative.

"I trust you." 

Leadership is about influence. Leaders are acutely aware that if they are not trusted, no one is truly following. To know you have someone in your corner — who believes in you — that’s golden motivation for a leader. Then after you say this prove you trust them by giving them the freedom to impress you. 

"I believe in you." 

Leadership can be a frightening place to be. At times, every leader feels he or she is alone and needs to know there is someone in their corner who will be there even when things don’t look or feel that successful.

"I’ll follow your lead."

 Most leaders question their ability at some point and are often timid about making the first move towards something new. The best leaders are never 100% certain. That’s where risk and faith and trust come into the life of the leader. When a leader knows that someone will follow that step of faith is easier to take.

It is important to note that how you say these phrases matter. At the end of the day, it is the follow through on your words and actions that will ultimately determine how effective you are when saying something to inspire, encourage, motivate, and lead. Let your words and actions align. That's intergity.