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True Humility - Kevin Durant's MVP Acceptance Speech

Below is the video of Kevin Durant's MVP acceptance speech. Typically these speeches do not make headlines. In fact, this is the first acceptance speech for the NBA MVP I have ever seen. And it was not hard to find. Just a few days old, the speech became a commercial for Mother's Day.  I made a few simple observations from the video below of a man who clearly knows Humility. 

1. Thanks God

This is what his life is about. This is also how he opens his speech and how closes. Why is this such a big deal? This is his purpose. His purpose is not to glorify himself and make people believe he is better and greater then anyone else. To use his words:

Basketball is just a platform to inspire people. I see that now.

2. His Passion

Basketball is his hobby, passion, job, and favorite thing to do. I could not help think Eric Liddell "God made me fast, and when I run I feel his pleasure." Can you honestly say that about your job like Durant says in his speech.

3. Thanks to his Teammates

No one does it alone. All of histories greatest leaders had a team around them. George Washington, our greatest president, created the cabinet, which is a group of leaders with specific tasks to help him lead. What I like about Durant's speech is how he individually and publicly thanked each member of the team and coaching staff. By empowering your teammates you give them the opprotunity to contribute with more enthusiasm.

People will work harder for you when they know they are publicly and individually valued. 

4. Knows where he comes from

He thanks his mom. This is what made this speech so famous. He thanks and acknowledges her sacrifices she made for him. I think we all could do a little more of this. 

Kevin Durant is a true man of humility. This speech is worth the watch.