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Greatest Comedian Talks with the Greatest Athlete of All Time

Calling Ashton Eaton an impressive athlete is a huge understatement. World's Greatest Athlete and Greatest Athlete of All Time is much closer. What he did this last Olympics in the decathlon was nothing short of astonishing. Breaking the world record previously held by Czech decathlete Roman Sebrle's, Ashton took home Gold these last Olympic games in London. 

For the full story and Day Play-by-Play CLICK HERE for the story. 

This post, however, is not about his accomplishments at the London Games. I recently found a little conversation that Ashton had with Bill Cosby. It was taped and it is below for your viewing or listening pleasure. 

Why did Cosby want to talk with one of Bend's (Ashton attended University of Oregon) most famous former residents?

“Because I was a track man!” said Cosby.

Rather than just field typical questions from a local reporter, Bill Cosby had his own idea about his interview.

Why not, he wondered, ask a world record-holding decathlete to join in the fun?

During his time at Temple University in the early 1960s, Cosby competed in many events, including javelin, shot put and high jump.

Cosby was good — he even tried out for an Olympic team, though he didn't make the cut.

Cosby's aim wasn't to reminisce about track life with Eaton — he simply wanted to have a little fun about his past track life.

This conversation reminded me that life and sport is not as serious as we make it out to be. It is fun. Life is fun. It is important to have fun and poke fun at the event. So no matter how important the event is (and they are sometimes) it is good to sit back afterwards and remember the fun of it all.