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What words do you use to talk about your team?

The way you speak about your team reveals how much it is really about you. 

“We won”

How can you empower others when you tell them it was because of what you did? The “WE” makes it personal. It makes it about you. A good leader will not take the credit for the win. The good leader takes this opportunity to empower his team by giving them the credit. The team will work harder knowing it is about the team and not about you. 

When the team wins do you, speak like, you are a hero. Do you justify the win with what you provided or created? Does this win reflect how good you are as a leader? Do you tell yourself it was something you did or said that contributed to this win? 

“They Lost”

It is easy to find someone or something to blame. You have been successful in the past so it can’t be you…right? Branding the team with “THEY” removes the personal responsibility you have as the leader of the team. A good leader takes the responsibility for the loss and by doing so empowers his team to take a risk, work harder, and succeed. 

Prove to your team you have Humility.

Definition of Humility is: Refusing to be the hero.

1. In times of winning - give credit to your team

2. In times of losing - take the blame

Rather then WE won or THEY lost begin to believe and say “THEY won and WE Lost.”