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Increase the Beauty of Your Special Lady

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What I am about to write is not new and not original. However, this one simple principle will change your whole life for the better!

"I would like to introduce for the first time Mr. and Mrs. JT," yelled the D.J.  It was my wedding day 10 years ago. I could not wait to start my life with my new bride. As I was shaking hands and hugging all the attendees with much appreciation and gratitude an older man grabbed my hand and pulled me in.

"You want your wife to be hot when you're old?"

"Excuse me?" I stammered.

 He repeated his question. "Do you want your wife to be as good looking or even better looking than she is right now?"

"Yes. Yes I do."

"Then Love her. Make her your only beauty and let nothing compete with her. You do this she will increase in beauty."

I don't remember who that old man was. Probably a wedding crasher. However, what he told me has stayed with me and echoes in my mind every day. And it is so true. 

Make your Wife the Standard of Beauty in your Life

Woman are bombarded with what the world tells them beauty is. Beauty is not on the TV and not on the front cover of a magazine. This view of beauty is warped. A comparison game becomes the norm for women in our society. This game always has one loser and it isn't society.

Be Patient.

This process takes time. There are no quick fixes when it comes to marriage. Especially when we are fighting psychological warfare. 

Fight for Her!

What are you doing to show her that you think the world of her? Just telling her she is prettier than someone else is not the answer. Romance her, write letters, recite poems, take her on dates, watch the sunset, buy her flowers, cook her a meal under candle light - The list goes on. Fight for her because if you don't the other side will when.

Change Your Perspective.

"We become what we think most of the time." Think about your definition of beauty. You should be the only person with this distinct meaning. It is personal and only attributed to your spouse.

- If your spouse is pear-shaped, bald, and with a long beard. You are into that! (Even if he looks like Santa Claus)

- If your spouse has brown hair, is formerly skinny, and short. You are into that!

- When our spouses get wrinkly, gray-haired, and with aging spots - you are into that!

This is worth the fight!

 This simple principle will change your life. The joys from this change of perception is unimaginable. The fight is also never done. Be on guard at all time.

I would fight that dragon in my suit of armor to save my beauty in the lonely castle.

Would you?

*If you are not married - find someone that is willing to cast aside their perception of beauty and look to you for the standard of beauty. 

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