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Common Mental Mistake #4: Productivity Without Results

You are busy, but don’t feel productive. We have all been there. It’s not hard to confuse busyness with productivity.  It’s not hard to mistake activity for achievement. Consider the following of how you can identify this common mental mistake.


-       You find yourself going through the motions.

-       Just being physically present is not enough.

-       You look busy, but you haven’t achieved much.


Change your motivations. Every assignment, practice, or project is an opportunity to challenge yourself to get better. If the day is not challenging enough and you are bored you can:

1.     Quit (probably not the best option)

2.     Talk to your boss about finding more challenging and growth orienting opportunities (however, be careful what you wish for).

3.     Challenge yourself intellectually (read a book, read a blog, get a coach, etc.).


-       “I zone out a lot.”

-       “Mentally I do not find value in my work.”

-       “Emotionally I am not excited about this.”


Concentrate your mind on what you are doing while you are doing it. How long is your attention span?  Mine is short. So I attack one task at 100% for 15-20min. Then I take a short break or move on to something else. I will come back to it later. This is all planned out ahead of time.

Emotionally, it is important to be enthusiastic and energized. This attitude is contagious. Those around you will be glad to work with you. Your Boss will take notice of you in a positive way. Work becomes much easier and enjoyable when you are excited to do it. You can get yourself excited about almost anything. Fake it until you make it.

What do you value in your work?

What goals or objectives are you working towards?

What is your vision for the project?

What are your motivations for working?

Caution – When Rules don’t apply to you

I love showing the following video to my athletes and coaches. Its comical, but Mr. Allen is saying something we have all thought at one time or another.  We don't care about our Team. We don't even like working hard at Practice.

Watch and leave a comment below.