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How do you know if you are making the right decision?  I personally know many people who can't make a decision because they desperately want to make sure it is the right one. It is especially challenging when the decision is a very important one.  Maybe you don't suffer from "buyers guilt" or the inability to make decisions. However, you will encounter those that need your leadership and guidance to find ways to make decisions. I coach and mentor many different people in many different seasons of life, and some lack the confidence in making decisions. Here are some examples of questions and decisions they wrestle with:

- Do I get married? What if she/he isn't the one?

- What college do I choose? What major or career do I pursue? 

- Do I apply for this job? What if I take this one and my dream job is waiting for me?

- What is the right path for me to take? What if I choose the wrong way?

- What church should I go to? 

- Who should I spend my time with? 

- What school do I send my kids to? Homeschool, public school or private school (which private school). 

"How do I know this is what God wants me to do?"

"I’d like us to consider that maybe we have difficulty discovering God’s wonderful plan for our lives because, if the truth be told, He doesn’t really intend to tell us what it is. And maybe 
we’re wrong to expect Him to." - Kevin DeYoung from "Just Do Something" 

Click Here for Full Book Notes (composed by Dave Kraft) 

Consider the following from DeYoung's work in his book. 

God does not have a specific plan for our lives that He means for us to decipher ahead of 
time. What is a bad idea is treating non-ethical decisions as weightier than they really are 
because you think that there is One Right Answer that you must discover. What’s also a 
bad idea is expecting God to tell us what to do whenever we are perplexed. 

Some traditional ways to seek God’s direction for the future:


If God opens the door for you to do something you know is good or necessary, be thankful for the opportunity.


Humble goals and loosely held plans are good. Expecting God to do tricks for us is bad. 


Focusing on random verses out of context.


Going with subjective feelings in making decisions. Don’t confuse hunches and subjective feelings with certain words from the Lord. 

We are told—in no uncertain terms—to call out for insight and to cry aloud for 
understanding. We get wisdom by reading our Bibles (storing up God’s commands), 
listening to sound advice (turning our ears to wisdom), and praying to God (calling out 
for insight). 

Live your life. Be free. God gives you tremendous latitude in making decisions and not to be plagued with seeking out the only right one. God is Sovereign. God is loving, humble, and full of mercy and grace. He delights in you living your life in light of His glory. 

Christian, go get married! Stop waiting for the one!

If you think the job is right, take it and do your best!

Get out of your basement and stop playing video games because you think you are too good to work at Starbucks. The dream job is what you make it. 

If you like UCLA more than UCI, then go be a Bruin. Your life will not necessarily be better if you choose one over the other.

What do you think?

This is a interesting subject and is worth more time in conversation then this one post.