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Effective Parenting in a Defective World

How do you raise kids that stand out from the crowd? I just finished a book that aims to answer that question.

Also, I have begun to create book notes for this blog. When I am finished reading and studying a book, I go back through it and create a simple PDF of the book to use at a later time. Re-reading a book is never fun, but going over your own "Cliff notes" is easy, short, simple, and direct to the point. 

To access my book notes of Chip Ingram's book CLICK HERE.

You can order yourself a copy by ClICKING HERE. 

Here are some highlights:

- Our culture has deeply ingrained in us that the real goal of parenting is to raise happy children. (5) 

- The parent, who balances love and discipline, w/out compromising either, produces well-adjusted kids who maintain a positive relationship with Mom and Dad. [87] 

- I believe that 80% of your need to discipline will be eliminated if you learn to say what you mean and mean what you say. [122] 

Stop worrying about being your child’s buddy. You are the only one in the world with the primary responsibility of giving your child what he needs, not what he wants. [97] 

5 smooth stones for your kids to fight with: (like David with Goliath) [139-75]

  1. Teach them to suffer well

  2. Teach them to work “unto the Lord”

  3. Teach them to manage their wealth wisely

  4. Teach them to make wise decisions

  5. When all else fails: Teach them to live Grace filled lives 

Help your children reach their full potential

  1. Understand their primary needs: [47]

  2. Recognize their primary responsibility [49]

  3. Obedience is a process [52]


    Never do for your children what they can do for themselves.