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Tough Decisions Ahead.jpg

You made a wrong choice. It happens, but why did it happen to you? Leaders are forced to make many decisions throughout the day. Some are necessary; others can wait.

Ways to make Bad Decisions:

1.     Make them please everyone

The saying is true, “What is popular is not always right; what is right is not always popular.” You can’t please everyone. You will try because you want to be liked, who doesn’t? In the end, you will be chasing the wind. Make the best decision and then live with the consequences, good or bad.

2. Make them too fast

Sometimes you are rushed, hurried, and don’t have time to think or weigh the options. I have found that being busy can be good, but hurried is bad. Evaluate your decision if you feel hurried. Then strategize ways to free up some time to think through decisions.

3.     Make them too slow

On the flip side of “too fast”, you might take too much time to think something over. Most decisions you will make today need answers quickly. For the big questions that need answers, take your time and make sure to give yourself or the other person a deadline for when they need an answer.

4.     H.A.L.T.

Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired is when I make a bad decision-making. With strong emotions, you don’t think clearly. You make these decisions when you are not balanced emotionally, and your motivation to make a decision is probably in response to your immediate need. These needs cause you to be self-focused even though your decision will affect others. 

5.     Reacting rather then responding

A leader who reacts rather than responds will make wrong decisions. He is coming from a place of uncertainty, and he is not prepared for how this decision will affect the future. Reacting is trying to make the problem go away at the moment, but in reality and the long run, the problem is still there because it has not been addressed. On the other hand, a leader that responds to a question with a decision understands the problem and has a clear vision. This leader is focused on their strategic goals, which have already been established and practiced for some time. 

I hope that you will always try to make the right choice. Ultimately having a clear vision, time to respond, and taking care of yourself physically will enable you to make right choices. However, bad decisions will still happen; no one is perfect, as prepared as you might be. When they do, own it and deal with the consequences good or bad. Every decision is an opportunity to learn and grow.

What other ways do we make Bad Decisions? What strategies do you have to ensure that you make good decisions most of the time?