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Are You in Authority or an Authoritarian

 “Make sure they know who is boss.”

I was recently in a conversation with another leader, and he was telling me the story (more like complaints) from those that he leads. He then told me his reaction to all their shortcomings. After he was finished, I could not help but think that he was displaying a lot of control over his team. In fact, what he perceived as a poor effort or a poor showing from his team he inserted himself as a dictator over his team.

As leaders do, we need to remind people that we are the boss?  That we are in control? Are we in a place of authority or are we an Authoritarian.

 Questions to consider:

-    Are you managing people or holding them accountable?

-    Are you earning your people’s respect or giving them a common enemy?

-    Is your team always after your approval?

-    Do you show that you value your team as a group and as a group of individuals?

-    Are you using your influence in a positive way?

-    Do members of the team have to earn your respect?

 From Hans Finzel, in his excellent book The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make.

How dictators operate:

1.    They hoard decisions.

2.    They view truth and wisdom as primarily their domain.

3.    They restrict decisions to an elite group.

4.    They surprise their workers with edicts from above.

How Facilitators Lead:

1.    They delegate decisions.

2.    They involve others as much as possible.

3.    They view truth and wisdom as being distributed throughout the organization.

4.    They are developers.

5.    They see people as their greatest resources for ideas that will bring success.

6.    They give their people space to make decisions.

7.    They let those who are responsible decide how jobs will be done.

Leaders empower. Today be a leader that takes the extra mile and show that you value the team you work with.