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7 Hints You’re About to Make a Bad Leadership Decision

Have your ever made a decision and you knew that it wasn’t the best one you could have made? You ignored the signs and made it anyways? If you are a leader you have probably made some “bone-head” decisions at one time. We all have. Ron Edmondson has some practical advice for all leaders about what to look out for when you are about to make a bad decision.  For more of Ron CLICK HERE.

I’ve made many bad decisions in my leadership. Thankfully, the longer I lead, the more I develop warning signs I’m about to make another. I think these may apply to all leaders.

These aren’t full proof. They don’t mean you are definitely making a bad decision. But, they are hints you might and worth considering before you make the decision — especially major decisions.

Here are 7 hints you’re about to make the wrong decision as a leader:

It makes everyone happy. 

Chances are you’re settling for less than best. The best decisions almost never please everyone.

It’s easy. 

Some decisions are. Most aren’t. Especially major decisions.

You made it alone.

Plans fail for the lack of counsel. With many counselors plans succeed. (Proverbs 15:22)

You made it too quickly. 

Some decisions need time to gel in your mind and heart. Most major decisions need a good nights sleep — or several.

You made it too slowly. 

When you’ve wrestled with it long enough — and you know the right thing to do — some decisions just need to be made — even without having all the answers.

It changes nothing.

Change is a part of leadership. In fact, without change you don’t need a leader. People can stay the same on their own.

Your gut tells you otherwise. 

You have a gut for a reason. Most likely it was developed over the years. It’s dangerous to ignore it.

Put some of your major decisions through this grid. I’m speaking from experience or many bad leadership decisions. It might