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I love leadership. If you are reading this, you probably like it too.  Maybe you are like me and sometimes feel like leadership can become a means to an end. You empower, motivate, encourage, delegate and do whatever 7-step process to increase your influence as a leader. I am all for growth as a leader. But when was the last time, you blessed someone for no reason. 

- You had a conversation where you didn't lead or give advice, but just listened.

- You bought a drink for the janitors.

- You wrote a letter (yes, an actual letter) to a friend or loved one.

- You paid for lunch for a co-worker.

- You got a gift for a secretary with no obligations.

- You hung out with someone you wouldn't call a friend, but someone you value.

 These past couple weeks, I started writing little letters to my wife. It has been a worthwhile experience. I schedule it in my day, make it a routine, and write her a letter for no reason. I appreciate her. This is how I am showing it.

Who in your life do you appreciate?

What can you do to show that you appreciate them?

Here's a twist - do it to gain nothing.

Do something nice today. It might be the best leading you do all day.