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11 Ways to get up after being thrown down

Alfred: And why do we fall Master Bruce?

Bruce Wayne/Batman: So we can learn how to get back up again. 

Leadership is tough. Sometimes the people you trust the most will be the ones who hit the hardest. A leader must trust those they lead and are led by. In leadership, you will be thrown down by someone who desires to elevate themselves over you. Sadly, people will look out for themselves before they look out for you. So what do you do when this happens:


11 Ways to get up after being thrown down

  1. Keep going. A small speed bump slows you down for a second, but then you can continue on course.
  2. Learn. Ensure that you don't put yourself in that situation again with that person. 
  3. Prepare. What can you do differently to make sure this doesn't happen again. 
  4. Suck it up. It stinks, I know. Complaining and gossiping to the nearest person in some form of passive aggressive "get back" will only come back on you. 
  5. Don't retaliate. A humble leader expects and understands the reasons this happened. You can control how people will try to get ahead. You can control how you handle the fallout. 
  6. Don't take it Personally. The saying goes, "dig two graves when you are out for revenge." Your judgment will be clouded and you will make grave mistakes.  
  7. Build Grit. Grit is the ultimate determining factor in all success. You have just been given the opportunity to build grit.
  8. Voice your Concerns. It may be appropriate to confront this person and let them know what happened. It may even be a simple misunderstanding...hopefully.  
  9. Choose your battles wisely. This is probably the single best leadership advice I have ever received. Is it worth fighting for this cause? Maybe not? 
  10. Reflect. What can you learn from this? What did you learn of yourself? Your organization? How will you grow from this? 
  11. Find Outside Counsel. A good friend or mentor who is not part of the situation and outside your organization may give some sound advice. At the very least they can lend you an ear while you vent. 

What did I miss? Any other you can GET UP after being THROWN DOWN?