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"Be Hardy" according to Louie Zamperini

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Building Significance: The only way to lead

Busy is NOT a Four Letter Word

Coffee: Fuel for the Modern World

Common Mental Mistake #1: Practice only your strengths 

Common Mental Mistake #2: A Leader who has no Definite Goals

Common Mental Mistake #3: Afraid of Failure 

Common Mental Mistake #4: Productivity without Results

Common Mental Mistake #5: Negative Self Talk  

Communication: The Most Important Factor to Leadership Success

Connection Between Mental and Physical Pain

Discipline a Good Thing

“Do you have any questions for me?”

Effective Parenting in a Defective World

Ego Check: How to avoid the trap of Hubris

From Values to Action

Good Leaders Make Hard Decisions

Greatest Comedian Talks with Greatest Athlete of All Time

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History of Christmas 

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How to Love your Kids with Intentional Time

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How to Make the Right Decision 

How to Parent your Adult Children

How to Think about your Mistakes

How to Release Anger and Bitterness

Ideal Week

Identity Crisis: To Be or To Do 

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Introverts are Powerful Leaders

In the Face of Criticism

Leadership in a Crisis

Leaders are readers. If don't read you really can't lead

Making Stress your Friend Will Save your Life

Making your voice more powerful

Mental Mistake Solution #1: Practice Positive Thinking

Mental Mistake Solution #2: Think and Speak in Vivid Emotional Terms

Mental Mistake Solution #3: Stop Choking!

Mental Mistake Solution #4: Strategic Visualization to Improve Performance 

Overworked and Overwhelmed 

Self Awareness Part 1 - Mission Statement

Self Awareness Part 2 - Soul Friend

Slay your Dragons before Breakfast 

Standard of Beauty in Your Life

Stop the Demotivation!

Swearing and Leadership

The Art of Coaching Part 1

The Art of Coaching Part 2

The Five Components of Effective Delegation

The Genius of Routine

The Healthiest Organizations Win

The Leadership Conversation

The Most Important Date

The new way of doing business...Treat your People well

The Paradoxical Commandments 

The Photocopier

The Positive Side of Unprepared 

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The Problem with Problems

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Too Much Information Robs You of Happiness

Top 3 Benefits of Coaching

Top 5 Books so far...(2014)

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While we are away box

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